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NCE Student Teams

Baja SAE

Students on the SAE Baja Team undertake the design of a high-performance, off-road vehicle from scratch. All teams are given the same engine and are tasked with designing the most durable, fastest and cost-effective vehicle using similar components.

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Solar Car

The NJIT Solar Car Team designs a 100% solar-powered vehicle compliant to meet standards set by Formula Sun Grand Prix. The team designs and fabricates almost all of the mechanical and electrical components for the vehicle in-house at NJIT.

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Aero SAE

The NJIT SAE Aero Design Team is tasked with designing and fabricating from scratch a radio-controlled payload carrying aircraft that maximizes carrying capacity while minimizing overall size. Each year, there are specific types of payload that the design must carry and challenges that the design must overcome.

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Steel Bridge

The NJIT ASCE Steel Bridge team designs and fabricates a portable steel bridge designed to be setup quickly as a team and to support specific load cases. The team travels and competes against other teams from competing universities.

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Robotics Club

The NJIT Robotics Club is a student-run robotics-oriented organization focused on propviding students with gain real-world engineering experience through building robotics-related projects and competing in various national and international competitions.

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Concrete Canoe

The Concrete Canoe Team competes in a practical event that challenges the students' design skills, knowledge, creativity and stamina, while showcasing the versatility and durability of concrete as a building material.

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Chem-E Car

AIChE's annual Chem-E-Car Competition® engages college students in designing and constructing a car powered by a chemical energy source, that will safely drive over a given distance and stop within a specified time limit.

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