The Mission of the Newark College of Engineering

Newark College of Engineering is committed to the pursuit of excellence--

  • in undergraduate, graduate and continuing professional education, providing a diverse body of aspiring future engineering professionals and entrepreneurs and engineering leaders and educators with a learning environment that prepares them for lifelong careers, growth and personal achievement;  

  • in the conduct of research for the creation of knowledge that lays the foundation for bringing about advances in engineering practices that improve the quality of life of the citizens of the state, the Nation and the global community;

  • in the service to the NJIT community, engineering profession and the society at large, supporting the various activities of NJIT as a public urban research university, transforming the state-of-the-art of knowledge into state-of-the-art of practice in industry and the engineering profession, and promoting environmentally sound technology for sustainable economical growth;

  • in contributing to the state’s economic development through partnerships and joint ventures with the business community and through the development of intellectual property in new engineering and technology methods, processes, or products.