Cooperative Education

What is the Co-Op Experience?

  • The Co-Op experience is an academic path that offers students an opportunity to gain a year of paid work experience while working toward their degree.
  • The Co-Op experience is closely aligned with your major and improves your understanding of the relationship between theory and application.
  • The Co-Op experiences are paid while earning up to 6 academic credits
  • The Co-Op experience is a benefit to any NCE graduate.  It's getting your foot in the door of a company, that may be looking to hire when you graduate.

How would you be eligible for Co-Op?

  • As an NCE student you are eligible for co-op after the completion of your freshman year.
  • All requirements can be found on the Career Development Web page.
  • Your Department Co-Op advisor would be happy to discuss this opportunity with you

Benefits for Participating in Co-Op Education

  • 95% students have jobs before they graduate
  • 60% take jobs with companies they worked for
  • Real-world application of fundamentals
  • Professional experience
  • Increased earnings upon graduation
  • Increases retention
  • Financial support

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-Ralph Marston