Cooperative Education

Newark College of Engineering

Cooperative Education Program

NCE has a practical approach to engineering through its experiential learning environment. One in four professional engineers in the State of New Jersey is an NCE alumnus. Because of this, NCE has created one of the most robust co-ops in the State of New Jersey. NCE co-op students graduate having already built a professional network and typically receive higher starting salaries than their counterparts from other schools.

NJIT has been recognized nationally for providing graduates with a high rate of return on their investment. The Bloomberg Business week survey of U.S. colleges ranked NJIT in the top 10 percent nationally for return on investment and classified the university as one of four best buys in New Jersey higher education. has ranked NJIT as the number one value among colleges and universities nationally.

NCE’s Cooperative Education Program, or co-op, is a five-year educational program, which provides engineering students with the opportunity to alternate between semesters of full-time work and full-time study in areas related to the student's academic major and career interests. The co-op program is designed to provide experiences that prepare students to connect their academic studies with the professional engineering environment while exploring career interests and their future aspirations.

What is the Co-op Experience?

  • The Co-Op experience is an academic path that offers students an opportunity to gain a year of paid work experience while working toward their degree.
  • The Co-Op experience is closely aligned with your major and improves your understanding of the relationship between theory and application.
  • The Co-Op experiences are paid with opportunity to earn credits (based on Departmental approval)
  • Students obtain positions with major corporations such as Stryker, AT&T, PSE&G, Cisco Systems, Colgate Palmolive, Verizon Wireless, Schneider Electric, Johnson & Johnson, and NJ Transit.
  • NJIT’s Career Development Center provides students with invaluable resources, including career counseling, workshops, job fairs, and résumé reviews.
  • Co-op students are entrusted with projects vital to the day-to-day functioning of the workplace.